Our Mushrooms

Care and Handling

Care & Handling of MushroomsSince mushrooms bruise easily, they should be handled with much care to insure quality. Appropriate care will extend the shelf life of the product resulting in increased customer satisfaction. Better care means a longer shelf life and improved profits. Here are some useful tips regarding the care and handling of fresh Monterey Mushrooms.


Selecting Mushrooms: Look for firm mushrooms with a fresh, smooth appearance, free from major blemishes, with a dry (not dried) surface. A closed veil (the thin membrane under the cap) indicates a delicate flavor; an open veil means a richer flavor.

Storing Mushrooms: How mushrooms are stored is an important part of maximizing freshness and flavor. Remember these key points:

  • Mushrooms keep for at least a week in the refrigerator.
  • Keep mushrooms in original packaging until ready to use.
  • Once opened, store mushrooms in a brown paper bag.
  • Fresh Mushrooms should never be frozen, but frozen sautéed mushrooms will keep for up to a month.

Unopened packages store well in the refrigerator but, once the film wrap has been removed, store in the same way as you store loose mushrooms. Your mushrooms will breath better and stay firmer longer with this attention. Handle them with care, though, because fresh mushrooms bruise easily.

Freezing Mushrooms: Fresh mushrooms don’t freeze well. But if it’s really necessary to freeze them, first sauté in butter or oil or in a nonstick skillet without fat; cool slightly, then freeze in an air tight container up to one month.