Monterey Mushrooms, Inc. is an organization with a passion to Be the Best.  As a Retailer, who knows best?  Is it not the shoppers that come into your stores everyday and purchase food to nourish and delight their family?  Everyone inside our organization, from Pickers to the President, is aligned and engaged to deliver on our vision to be the fresh mushroom supplier of choice to retailers in North America. We deliver significant category growth in sales and profits to you through increasing household consumption.  This is accomplished by delivering the freshest, safest and most nutritious mushrooms in the world to your shoppers who are our consumers.  We offer them Locally Grown products that are extra Nutritious through our Vitamin D offerings and meet your shopper’s needs in being a versatile product for any Cuisine Type during any Day Part.  Our 4,000 employees hope you enjoy our website. You’ll be impressed with the versatility and healthiness of Monterey mushrooms.

Think Mushrooms — Think Monterey!

Some News from the Mushroom Council

Our New Packaging

 At the SEPC Monterey Mushrooms will be highlighting our new sustainable packaging with consumer friendly labels.  This packaging was recently recognized by the Produce Marketing Association with their Impact Award for 2011.  It features a biodegradable paper till printed with recipes, versatile meal ideas, and nutritional information.  The labels highlight the “Deliciously Healthy” and “High in Vitamin D” features of mushrooms with a mouth-watering image of a recipe idea.  These packages have been rolled out nationally beginning in the […]