Back to School Fun with Monterey Mushrooms

Monterey Mushrooms - Back to School Pack - Activities

Free activities and educational materials!

School is back in session and there’s no better way to keep your busy learner from getting too spored than with our mushroom-themed activities and lessons! 

Grab our free Back-to-School Pack to access educational materials about subjects like how mushrooms are grown and sustainability, get yummy school night dinner ideas, and download a collection of fun activities your fungi or gal is sure to love.

Our Back-to-School Pack contains:

  • Fun activities like coloring pages and word searches
  • Back to School with Mushrooms ebook
  • Animated infographics
  • Interactive lessons for Pre-K – 5th grade

Fill out the form to receive your back-to-school resources and help your savvy scholar become a "champignon" of mushroom knowledge!

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