Posted by Monterey Mushrooms on Jan 29, 2018 11:44:07 AM
Monterey Mushrooms

Meet the talented writers behind our blog.


Erica Manfre

As a busy wife, mom and full time sales manager, Erica found herself craving the slower-paced life her grandmothers lived. Erica remembers cooking together, making arts and crafts, and walking in nature to look at all the “wonders.” That is what inspired her to start a blog. She is committed to living a slower paced life for her family and wants her daughter to know and love the simple pleasures in life.


Lindsey Roberts

At Monterey Mushrooms I’m responsible for marketing fresh, processed and dried mushrooms. Prior to marketing, I spent 2 years in Quality & Food Safety. From there I was chosen to participate in an intensive year-long grower training program that taught me the art and science of growing mushrooms. Lindsey learned how to make compost and grow mushrooms. Mushrooms are one of the most difficult crop to grow, yet one of the easiest to use. Lindsey loves cooking with mushrooms and watching them grow.

Kelsey Waugaman

Hello! My name is Kelsey Waugaman, and I am currently a student at Cabrillo College. I am a business major with the intension of majoring in Ag Business upon transferring to Fresno State. My passion for photography and graphic arts started my freshman year of high school when I enrolled in photography and graphic design classes. After taking those classes, I realized that this could be a start to something great and enjoyable. Now that I am in college and am working towards my future goals it has been noticed that it has developed into something that may be a part of my career and I know that the opportunities are endless for what’s ahead. But, aside from the creative side of me let’s talk about the side of that loves the outdoors and horses. I am the type of person that enjoys the outdoors and being on the back of my horses. When I’m riding out on the open trail I feel a sense of comfort and happiness in which I feel refreshed and am ready to tackle what is yet to come. I have been riding since I was a young girl and has turned into something that will be forever be a part of what defines me. I believe that it is important to find out what your passion is when you’re at a younger age because when it’s time to start thinking about your future then it will be an easier decision as to what you enjoy doing. My advice to the generation before me is to find what your passion is and run with it because it will be a helpful tool for the future ahead. The last thing that would like to say is work your hardest towards your dreams because it will be worth it in the end if your work hard for what you want for yourself.