Monterey Mushrooms congratulates Cedars Cafe on Top Five Finish

Posted by Lindsey Roberts on Aug 12, 2017 8:50:00 AM
Lindsey Roberts

We are excited to congratulate Cedar's Cafe in Melbourne, Fla., for being one of the top five finalists for the second year in a row in the James Beard Foundation's Blended Burger Project competition.

Chefs from across the country entered the competition. Winners were chosen through online voting.  The five chefs with the most votes win a trip to the historic James Beard House in New York, where they will showcase their burgers at an event in 2018. 

Cedar's came in second in the United States, with 79,679 votes.  

The Blended Burger Project is designed to encourage chefs to create healthier, more sustainable dishes. To enter the contest, chefs were asked to create a burger made of at least 25 percent chopped mushrooms

The winning burger creation, developed by Cedar's chef/owner Toni Elkhouri and sous chef Britney Comer, blended Florida-grown Monterey Mushrooms and lamb on an apricot and liquid smoke-glazed bun with sour cherry mustard, basil, Brie cheese and an herb lemon caper walnut relish.

 We love to meet chefs that stand out by blending in. We were excited to see how restaurants worked with their customers to create buzz online via social media channels. 

The previous years blended burgers were such a huge success, that 60 percent of past participants kept a blended burger on their menu year-round.  

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