Fresh Locally Grown Mushrooms Year Round

From creamy white mushrooms to brown portabellas, Monterey Mushrooms® delivers fresh, locally grown mushrooms year round all across North America. Our nutrient-dense savory mushrooms deliver the flavor you crave. Follow our tips to be sure your mushrooms look and taste their very best!

Gourmet Mushroom Products

Monterey Mushrooms® offers a variety of products to save you time and add variety to your kitchen. Since 1982 Monterey’s process operations have provided meaningful and innovative products for restaurants, quick service restaurants, food service institutions, ingredient users, delis and retail markets. Our product development team, which includes a professionally trained chef, is highly qualified in recipe development, nutritional analysis and menu planning. We strive to be responsive to the varied requirements of existing and potential customers. 

Selection, Storage & Care 


  • Caps should be firm and uniform in color (not spotty)
  • Mushrooms should be dry to slightly tacky (not slimy)
  • For a stronger earthy taste, choose mushrooms with thick veils, dark in color
  • For a more delicate flavor, choose mushrooms with thinner veils, light in color


  • If you purchased pre-packaged mushrooms, leave them in their packaging and place into the refrigerator. The packaging is designed to keep mushrooms fresh.
  • If you purchased loose mushrooms, place them into a paper brown sack.
  • DO NOT use plastic bags because the moisture from the mushrooms will get trapped and encourage the mushrooms to break down sooner.
  • DO NOT freeze fresh mushrooms. Instead, sauté, then freeze and keep for up to one month frozen.


  • Wipe the cap and stem of mushrooms with a damp paper towel
  • If you’re preparing many mushrooms, run them under water quickly and immediately pat dry with a paper towel.
  • DO NOT soak in water, mushrooms will absorb the water and become spongy.