Fresh Locally Grown Mushrooms Year Round

From creamy white mushrooms to brown portabellas, Monterey Mushrooms® delivers fresh, locally grown mushrooms year round all across North America. Our nutrient-dense savory mushrooms deliver the flavor you crave. Follow our tips to be sure your mushrooms look and taste their very best!

Selection, Storage & Care 


  • Caps should be firm and uniform in color (not spotty)
  • Mushrooms should be dry to slightly tacky (not slimy)
  • For a stronger earthy taste, choose mushrooms with thick veils, dark in color
  • For a more delicate flavor, choose mushrooms with thinner veils, light in color


  • If you purchased pre-packaged mushrooms, leave them in their packaging and place into the refrigerator. The packaging is designed to keep mushrooms fresh.
  • If you purchased loose mushrooms, place them into a paper brown sack.
  • DO NOT use plastic bags because the moisture from the mushrooms will get trapped and encourage the mushrooms to break down sooner.
  • DO NOT freeze fresh mushrooms. Instead, sauté, then freeze and keep for up to one month frozen.


  • Wipe the cap and stem of mushrooms with a damp paper towel
  • If you’re preparing many mushrooms, run them under water quickly and immediately pat dry with a paper towel.
  • DO NOT soak in water, mushrooms will absorb the water and become spongy.