How to Kebab With Mushrooms

How to Kebab with Mushrooms Guide CTA

Make Perfectly Charred, Smoky Kebabs Every Time! 

When you peek into your fridge and see a hodgepodge of ingredients, what do you do?

After reading this cookbook, we hope you think of grilled kebabs. After all, who doesn’t love that smokey-grilled flavor on a hot summer day? Since we’re the mushroom experts, we wanted to share some tips for grilling kebabs— with mushrooms specifically! But don’t worry, it’s not all fungi. From cleaning and marinating your ingredients to mastering your grill, we cover it all.

In this ebook, you'll get: 

  • Ingredient preparation guidelines
  • Grilling tips
  • 11 scrumptious kebab recipes straight from the Mont Mush crew 

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