Nutraceutical Mushroom Powders

Monterey Mushrooms® Nutraceuticals provide a nutrient-rich, whole-food solution for your functional food & supplement formulation needs.

Mushrooms: Nature’s Nutraceutical Wonder

For decades, researchers have been quantifying the nutritional value of mushrooms. Modern studies link mushrooms as possible cancer-fighters, immunity-boosters and even anti-aging dietary sources. So it’s no surprise that a few mighty mushrooms have migrated beyond the produce section, earning recognition in the pharmaceutical world and beyond. 

Now— the secret’s out. Food manufacturers everywhere are adding finely ground nutraceutical mushroom powder into their food products for extra health benefits, beyond their basic nutritional value.

How can you blame them? Our full spectrum organic specialty mushrooms provide support for a healthy mind, energy, endurance and immune support— with minimal impact on the flavor of your favorite food and beverage products.

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Nutraceuticals Product Specifications & Options

Our non-GMO full spectrum and mycelium powders are a rich source of fungi nutrients, including polysaccharides, beta-glucans, vitamins and minerals. All are grown, processed and packed in the United States— as well as certified organic by CCOF, and Kosher by KOF-K.

*MYCELIUM + POWDERS consist of mushroom mycelium cultivated on organic sorghum, including the mushroom's extracellular compounds.

**FULL SPECTRUM POWDERS include fruit bodies, primordia, mycelium and extracellular compounds, representing the full growth cycle of the mushroom grown on organic sorghum.

***Contact your sales representative for additional mesh sizes.

How Do Mushrooms Become “Nutraceutical?”

Some mushrooms naturally offer extra health benefits that are considered “nutraceutical,” beyond the basic nutritional value found in other foods. Varieties like Maitake, Reishi and other medicinal-bearing mushrooms are grown within bags on grain that’s inoculated with the mushroom culture. They are then dehydrated and ground into a fine powder, which can easily be incorporated into your favorite food and beverage products with minimal impact on the flavor.

Use Cases for Mushroom Powders

Our non-GMO full-spectrum and mycelium powders are a rich source of nutrients, including polysaccharides, beta-glucans, vitamins and minerals. We also offer high vitamin D Just Mushrooms® powder

  • Smoothie Boosts (Immunity, Energy, Focus)
  • Adaptogenic & Nootropic Supplements
  • SuperFood Juice, Tea, Coffee & Shakes
  • Healthy, Functional Snacks
  • SuperFood Chocolate Bars
  • Protein-based Nutrition Shakes and Bars
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • And more!

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The Benefits of Nutraceutical Mushrooms

Medicinal mushroom products have been traditionally associated with the following benefits*:

Agaricus blazei

Supports insulin resistance;

helps to manage physical and

emotional stress; stimulates the

immune system; anti-


Inonotus obliquus

High level of antioxidants;

promotes anti-aging and

youthfulness; helps to balance

the metabolic system; natural

adaptogen; supports immune


Cordyceps militaris

Improves vitality and endurance;

improves oxygen consumption

and delivery to increase energy;

supports healthy vascular

function and respiratory health

Hericium erinaceus

Supports cognitive health;

supports healthy nervous

system; helps with focus,

creativity and mood; supports

immune health

Grifola frondosa

Helps maintain balanced blood

sugar and insulin levels;

supports healthy weight control;

supports the immune system

Ganoderma lucidum

Adaptogen: provides balance

and helps to manage stress;

supports longevity; strong

immune support; strong

cardiovascular support

Lentinula edodes

Supports immune system;

strong cardiovascular support;

may protect against




Trametes versicolor

Enhances immune system;

powerful immunity activators;

improves stamina and gut


**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant or lactating, have a medical condition or are on medications, please consult with your licensed healthcare provider before using nutritional supplements.

Our Nutraceutical Mushroom Powders

Our premium organic nutraceutical mushrooms are dehydrated and processed into easily integrated powder— perfect for blending into popular food and beverage products. 

Pack Sizes:

  • Standard pouch size: 10 kg
  • Smaller pouch sizes (1 kg, 5 kg) require a surcharge and are available for small (<10kg) orders only
  • 15 g samples are available upon request