A Little Monterey Mushrooms® Magic in Your Garden

ATTN: Our California and Florida farms have discontinued their spent mushroom compost program. However, if you're located near Madisonville, TX; Loudon, TN; Princeton, IL; or San Miguel de Allende, MX; occasionally our farms have excess spent compost that the public is invited to use in gardening and landscaping projects. A pickup fee may apply. 


Gardening is good for the soul. There’s nothing quite like having your hands in the dirt and the sun on your back.


Spent mushroom compost is great for home gardens, lawns, and areas where the native soil is nutrient-poor. However, it contains high salt levels and, for many home projects, it will need to be further composted or amended. Our spent compost is typically made up of wheat straw, stable bedding, sources of nitrogen, and other organic materials based on the regional resources available.


Commonly Asked Questions


Q: How long should compost sit before I can add it to my home garden?

A: We recommend letting it sit for 2 weeks to leach out some of the salts

Q: How much compost should I add to my flower beds or vegetable garden?

A: We recommend amending your soil with about 10-15% spent compost

Q: When can I pick up mushroom compost from your farm?

A: Our pickup hours differ depending on what’s happening in our operation but typically we’re able to fill your truck Monday through Friday between 8 am and 3 pm. Call your local grower for the exact times on the day(s) you’re interested in coming.

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