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Can I come to pick up spent mushroom compost / mushroom dirt? And will you deliver the compost?

Contact your local farm to ask if they have compost available



To ensure safety for consumers and our team members, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have temporarily suspended visitor access and compost pickup at our farms. In-person mushrooms sales and farm compost pickup will resume at a future date.

General information for future reference:
On occasion, our farms have excess spent compost that the public is invited to use in gardening and landscaping projects. A pickup fee may apply.  We do NOT make compost deliveries.  If you've never used spent mushroom compost before, please note that it contains high salt levels. For most home projects, the compost needs to be further composted or amended. Our spent compost is made up of various materials based on the available resources in each region. Typically, the input commodities are wheat straw, sources of nitrogen and other organic materials.

Please contact the farm nearest you once COVID-19 restrictions are removed.  Phone numbers can easily be found by searching for the facility near you on Google.