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How can I read the code on my package?

All Monterey Mushrooms have a printed code, which includes our location code, Julian date, and packing line number, on the package.

This tells you (and us) when the mushrooms were packed, where and on what production line, providing full transparency and traceability. 

The Julian date is basically a continuous count of days starting January 1. January 1 is 001.

Examine the numbers printed on your package and match them with one of the location codes below.

  • Location Codes 110 means it was packed in Royal Oaks, California.
    • 115 is Morgan Hill, California
    • 125 is Arroyo Grande, California
    • 140 is Madisonville, Texas
    • 145 is Princeton, Illinois
    • 150 is Loudon, Tennessee
    • 155 is Temple, Pennsylvania
    • 160 is Orlando, Florida
    • 510 is San Miguel de Allende

For example, the date code 150 173 4 was packed in Loudon, Tennessee on June 21st.