Brown Mushrooms

Look out, meat-lovers! Brown mushrooms are hearty in taste. 

Adobe Stock

Baby bella mushrooms are grown and harvested in the same manner as white mushrooms. The reason they have a darker color and slightly denser texture is that they come from a different strain of spores. The baby bella caps range in size from one inch to two inches in diameter.

Portabellini® mushrooms are in between a baby bella and a portabella in size. The portabelini caps range from two inches to three inches in diameter.  


Portabella mushrooms, a favorite of ours.  Monterey Mushrooms is known for popularizing the portabella, arguably the tastiest of all fungi.  Their texture makes them a "burger" or "steak" to be reckoned with. Grill and serve this flavorful vegetarian alternative on toasted buns.mushrooms are grown similar to white mushrooms. The portabella is a mature baby bella. It’s about three days older and is grown on a bed that has been thinned to allow the mushrooms to gain size. Portabella mushroom caps range in size from three inches to six inches in diameter.

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