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Our Mushroom Products

The mighty mushroom — nature’s superfood packed with nutrients.
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Monterey Mushrooms Products

Transform an ordinary meal or plate into a lean and mean, nutrient-charged, gourmet experience with the magic of real mushrooms. Our mushrooms are always in season. Whether they’re the star of your plate or playing the beloved sidekick, fresh mushroom products will enhance almost any recipe.

Portabella Mushrrom Pizza
Fresh Mushrooms

Fresh Mushrooms

At Monterey Mushrooms, we grow our mushrooms with care and passion. From White mushrooms to specialty mushrooms like Shiitake, there’s a mushroom for everyone. No matter how you slice it, fresh mushrooms are the best way to add healthy and versatile ingredients to your plate.

Our Fresh Mushrooms

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Our Dried Mushrooms

While we love fresh mushrooms, there is something about the convenience of having dried mushrooms in the pantry — and having access to specialty mushrooms year-round — that we love too. 

Nutraceutical Mushrooms 

Traditional medicine has long included mushrooms to support health, and mushroom powders and chips have been embraced by consumers and food manufacturers alike. Monterey’s nutraceutical mushroom products are made with our USDA-certified organic specialty mushrooms.


Our Nutraceutical Products

canned mushrooms

Shelf Stable Mushrooms

We all love a recipe that includes mushrooms, but mushrooms have about 10 days of freshness from the day they are picked. Our shelf stable mushroom products extend the life of our flavorful fungi, giving foodservice organizations and food manufacturers — and select retailers — the flexibility they need.

Our Shelf Stable Products

Sliced Mushroom Kits

For those times when you need a little help in the kitchen, count on Monterey Mushrooms Sizzling Sautés™ Mushroom Kits. We’ve sliced our High Vitamin D Baby Bella mushrooms and included a sauce packet to save you on meal prep steps!


Our Sizzling Sautés Kits


Mushroom Growers on a Mission

At Monterey Mushrooms, we don't just grow and source mushrooms; we're mushroom growers on a mission to deliver organic, sustainably sourced ingredients. Coming from seven farms across North America, our mushrooms are always fresh and always local.

Most of our products begin with premium strains of fresh domestic mushrooms we’ve developed. Then, we pick, package, and deliver our mushrooms to ensure the highest quality standards are upheld, from our farms to your table.

Our mission is to Enhance People’s Lives, and it starts with the highest-quality mushrooms grown with sustainable farming practices.