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Organic Mushrooms

USDA-approved, sustainably grown fungi.

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That Forest-Foraged Feeling, At a Grocer Near You!

There’s nothing like plucking an apple straight from the tree or slicing into a juicy, home-grown tomato.

But mushrooms aren’t exactly easy to grow in your vegetable garden. They’re… a bit fussy. Mushrooms thrive best in controlled environments with rich compost containing nitrogen and other organic materials to grow robust and strong.

Luckily for you, mushrooms are all we’ve grown for five decades — so we’d say we’ve gotten pretty good at it.

We’re like your home-away-from-home garden: the closest you’ll get to the natural growing environment of your favorite fungi without any harvesting hassle.

While all our mushrooms at Monterey® are healthy and delicious, we’re proud to offer the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)-certified organic options for consumers who prefer to buy organic.

Have You Heard of “High Vitamin D” Mushrooms?

In addition to organic mushrooms, our team at Monterey pioneered a little thing called “High Vitamin D mushrooms.'' Vitamin D has been studied to fight certain cancers and support strong bone health— and our mushrooms are the only source of this mineral found in the produce department. Learn more about the nutritional value of these mighty mushrooms.


Conventional vs. Organic Mushrooms

Surprisingly to many, there’s not a huge difference in how our organic mushrooms are grown compared to conventionally grown. 

The main difference is the nitrogen used in the growing process. For conventional mushrooms, a synthetically produced material called Urea provides the fungus with nitrogen. Organic mushrooms, on the other hand, utilize fresh (or dried) chicken fertilizer in part of the composting process.

Rest easy knowing the organic mushrooms grown by Monterey are certified by the USDA, and that synthetic pesticides and antibiotics are never allowed in organic production.


Choose Between Organic White, Organic Portabella, or Organic Baby Bella

You want options, and we’ve got ‘em. Our White, Baby Bella or Portabella mushrooms are available in USDA-certified organic, sliced or whole.

Choose between 8, 16 or 24 oz packages, including: 

  • Organic Whole White
  • Organic Sliced Whites
  • Organic Whole Baby Bellas
  • Organic Sliced Baby Bellas
  • Organic Portabellas