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Fungi to Fit Your Culinary Needs

Fresh MushroomsWe Make Mushrooms the Way You Need Them

Just like the mighty mushroom, our products are versatile, designed to fill the mushroom needs of your whole community. Diced, sliced, powdered, canned or organic, we’re happy to supply the mushroom ingredients you’re looking for, direct from our farms. 

No matter where you are in North America, or the size of your recipe, we’re happy to supply fresh, local mushrooms.


In your neighborhood grocery store, on your favorite pizza and in the products you depend on everyday, Monterey Mushrooms® are the clean ingredient, with nutrition you need. Freshness is key! Your mushrooms are delivered to most major US cities on the same day they were harvested.


Our team is focused on supporting your needs and operational efficiency, with locations, products and a transportation network were designed to help you minimize costs and maximize customer service.  


We’re proud to be your year-round local supplier of fresh mushroom products, packed and labeled your way.


Monterey Mushrooms add the versatility and umami-rich benefits you need for your products, while improving your overall nutrition profiles by replacing high sodium, calorie, dense, high fat ingredients.


Consistent products, robust flavor and unmatched distribution for a year-round supply of fresh mushrooms and mushroom ingredients.