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Supplying Mushrooms From Our Farms to You

High-quality mushrooms consumers expect.

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Mushrooms the Way You Want Them

Whether you want to offer a variety of consumer mushrooms in your grocery stores, need to add a nutritional punch to your leading food product without affecting the taste, or are just craving some tasty, fresh mushrooms to top your salad, we have the fungi you want … exactly how you want them.

And just like the mighty mushroom, our products are versatile. Fresh, diced, sliced, powdered, canned, or organic, we’re happy to supply the products you’re looking for, directly from our local mushroom farms.

We are the leading mushroom grower, packer, and shipper in North America. No matter where you are in the United States, our farms are less than a day away, and we have the expertise and logistical provisions to get our products to you quickly.

Monterey Mushrooms® — the mushroom supplier you can trust.


Mushroom Grower for Retail, Foodservice, and Food Manufacturing

As the premier North American mushroom grower, we want the benefits of mushrooms to be available to everyone. That’s why we grow fresh mushrooms and produce mushroom ingredients for all retail, foodservice, and food manufacturing.

Mushrooms for Retailers

Finding the right mushroom grower, packer, and shipper means your consumers can buy high-quality mushrooms. It also means that you have less shrink. Our local mushroom farms are located coast to coast; we pick and pack mushrooms according to your specifications and can get them to you quickly.

Monterey Mushrooms offers these advantages for retailers:

  • A full line of high vitamin D mushrooms to meet your customers’ nutritional expectations
  • Packaging and labeling consistent with your nationally-branded look
  • A dedicated retail support team that ensures you have the right products at the right time

Mushrooms for Foodservice

When you have them on the menu, you need a consistent supply of fresh mushrooms. Monterey Mushrooms is the leading wholesale mushroom grower, packer, and shipper in the U.S., and we deliver the freshest produce on the market.

Learn how we can provide a year-round supply of fresh mushrooms and mushroom ingredients with these advantages:

  • Our local mushroom farms are strategically placed coast to coast, and we operate our own nationwide distribution network
  • We handpick our mushrooms so you always have consistent fresh and processed mushrooms
  • We grow mushroom strains that our sister company developed, ensuring you always have the tastiest, healthiest mushrooms for your menus

Mushrooms for Manufacturers

Food manufacturers need versatile products that improve the overall nutrition profiles of their products. Conscious consumers want products that also provide a nutritional boost.

Learn how we can help you leverage the benefits of mushrooms with these advantages:

  • Ingredients from the leading mushroom grower in North America with farms located coast to coast
  • Fresh mushrooms that are always sliced, diced, or whole per your specifications
  • Nutraceutical mushroom powders, including high vitamin D powder, can be added to nearly any recipe to boost the nutrition panel without affecting the taste

Mushrooms for Consumers

There’s no denying the popularity of the mighty mushrooms; you’ll find them on dinner tables across the country. Monterey’s local mushroom farms deliver to most major U.S. cities on the same day we harvest our mushrooms, so you can buy the freshest mushrooms in your neighborhood grocery store, where you’ll find our:

Benefits of Mushrooms

Fungi fans already know how tasty mushrooms are and the different ways to use them. Because they offer more of what you need and less of what you don’t, mushrooms are a premium product or ingredient used by retailers, manufacturers, and foodservice professionals everywhere.

High Vitamin D Mushrooms

You can’t always get the vitamin D you need from sunshine alone, but eating two servings of our fresh high vitamin D mushrooms allows you to meet your recommended daily value. Consumers can buy our specially labeled “High Vitamin D Mushrooms” in grocery stores coast to coast, while retail, food service, and manufacturing businesses can purchase fresh and processed high vitamin D mushroom ingredients.

Mushroom Blends

Mushrooms pack flavor and nutrition, and kitchens everywhere are mixing chopped mushrooms with ground meat to reduce fat and calories and promote a more sustainable lifestyle. That’s why we developed Let's Blend®, our finely diced traditional or seasoned mushrooms that can be incorporated easily into most meats and as an ingredient in a number of dishes. Available for foodservice and manufacturing organizations.

Nutraceutical Powders

Many consider mushrooms to be nature’s nutraceutical wonder, and Monterey Mushrooms produces traditional and certified organic mushroom powders as part of our commitment to the medicinal mushroom industry. Although you can buy our fresh mushrooms in retail stores, our nutraceutical powders are sold only in bulk format to wholesale food and supplement manufacturers.

Where To Buy Monterey Mushrooms

Looking for Monterey Mushrooms? We can help!
For Retail
Ready to experience the Monterey difference? Contact us today and discover how we can get our mushrooms custom-branded for your shelves.
For Foodservice

When quality matters, Monterey Mushroom provides the products you need. Contact us today for the freshest fungi that will have your diners raving about your menu.
For Manufacturers

Monterey Mushrooms products and ingredients are used by leading manufacturers everywhere. Contact us today to learn how you can add mushroom magic to your mix.
For Consumers

You can find Monterey Mushrooms at retailers across the country. Find out which stores you should be shopping in to get the freshest fungi.

More Questions for the Mushroom Grower?

We’ve answered a lot of questions here, but you may have questions not mentioned here. You can check out our knowledge base to see the answers to many interesting questions.

You are also welcome to contact us here to learn more about national sales, nutraceutical products, or other topics.