Why Mushrooms Belong on Everyone’s Grocery List

The Good Life, Direct From Our Farms

Our fresh mushrooms and mushroom products make it easy to get essential nutrition that makes you feel great. All year long, we’re growing, picking and packing our fundamental fungi, so that you always get the best, freshest mushrooms on the market.

Always Local, Always Fresh

With 9 farms across North America, Monterey Mushrooms are always fresh, delivered from our local farms to wherever you buy produce.

Mushrooms That Stay Fresher, Longer

Mushrooms have about 10 days of freshness, starting the day they’re picked. Because Monterey Mushrooms are grown closer to the stores and shoppers we supply, you get produce that’s fresher.

Spore-Powered Superfood

As the only source of vitamin D in the produce department and a powerhouse of other vitamins and minerals, mushrooms are one of the world’s most nutritious foods.

A Versatile Addition to the Kitchen

However you slice them, mushrooms make a great addition to almost anything. Make mushrooms the flavorful center of your plate, or blend them into recipes for a powerful nutrition punch.

A Bowl Full of Feel-Good Benefits

Our mushrooms are awesome. But really, all mushrooms are pretty great.

The essential vitamins and minerals in mushrooms can make a big difference in the way you feel and how your mind and body perform. From the mental focus and clarity you need for work and school, to performance in sports and activities, mushrooms are packed with more of what you really need. Power your body with the premium fuel that comes from real food like fresh, local Monterey Mushrooms and mushroom products.

Want to know more? Our team puts the fun in fungi and would love to be your ambassadors into the mushroom kingdom. Get in touch with your questions anytime!