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Monterey Mushrooms® for Retailers

Shoppers may eat with their mouths, but they buy with their eyes and look for mushrooms in stores that are a cap above the rest. The quality of your mushrooms can make or break your reputation as a produce retailer.

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Why Monterey Mushrooms Belong on Your Shelves

There’s just something about fresh fungi that looks good on you — dry, firm caps, pleasant earthy aroma, and the promise of flavor on the palate.

But we’re more than pretty produce at Monterey Mushrooms. We’re proud to offer retail partners distinctly awesome advantages.


Fresh Product, Reduced Shrink

No matter where you are in the United States, our strategically located farms are less than a day away. We’re always fresh, always local, and always looking for ways to enhance people’s lives — for our teams and your shoppers.

Brand Support

We’re invested in putting mushrooms on shopping lists and tables across the country, using smart technology and inbound marketing strategies to share the good news about mushrooms with consumers across the country.

Nationally Branded

We have your (brand) back. You’ll get a cohesive, branded look across your shelves with consistent packaging and labels that differentiate product attributes, such as whole, sliced, prewashed, and high vitamin D.


Packed Your Way

For the ideal mushroom, retail operators like you deserve to have them your way. Our ability to pack fresh mushrooms and processed products, exactly the way you need them, means you have a choice of more than 250 packaging options.

Full Line of High Vitamin D Mushrooms 

We expose our “High Vitamin D” mushrooms to a precise wavelength of ultraviolet light within the UV spectrum. Our 8-ounce and 16-ounce packages of sliced White and Baby Bellas are high in vitamin D, as are our 8-ounce Portabellas.

Mushroom Retail Support

We’re the partner you need. With a dedicated category management team ensuring you have the right products and labels, our extensively trained drivers understand best practices as they deliver fresh fungi in our own line of refrigerated trucks.

Your Natural Source of Vitamin D

While not all commercially-grown mushrooms contain vitamin D, Monterey’s High Vitamin D mushrooms do — boasting 50% the Daily Value of D2, just for you!


Benefits of Stocking Mushrooms in Stores 

Mushroom retailers keep their eyes on sales and know their bottom line grows with fresh mushrooms in stores. Why? Consumers are savvy and are incorporating healthy foods into their diets — including fabulous fungi.

Mushrooms are a superfood that serves up a nutrient-packed profile, hailed across the globe and backed by modern studies showing their power as cancer-fighters, immunity-boosters, and even anti-aging dietary sources.

Did you know that our “High Vitamin D” mushrooms are the only source of vitamin D on the shelves of a produce retailer like you? So you can be part of the solution!

Download our Vitamin D Retailer Ebook to learn everything you need to know about mushroom nutrients and adding these superfoods to your shelves.

Explore Our Mushroom Products 

Monterey Mushrooms is the leading mushroom grower, packer, and shipper in North America, with retail products ranging from fresh and dried mushrooms to marinated mushrooms and more! Here are our best-sellers:

FAQ for Mushroom Retailers

Can you deliver? Do you offer FOB?

Yes! We deliver, and we offer FOB.

Do you have a minimum order?

We do have a minimum order. The minimum case requirement for delivered products is two pallets. For FOB, the minimum is one pallet

What’s the most efficient core assortment?

Category reviews are a core retail activity. At Monterey, we’re happy to help you by reviewing your mushroom sales goals and recommending an efficient core assortment for you. Learn more about category management here.

Do you have a list of resources I can review?

Of course! Here are our mushroom retail guides. Use the filter to choose between Activities, Guides, Sell Sheets, and Videos. 

Can you help with best practices for mushroom category reviews?

Reducing wasteful spending is a key management objective. Read our secrets for How to Do a Category Management Review.

You’re the experts. How can we sell more mushrooms?

Here are 5 Ways to Sell More Mushrooms all year long.

What’s the difference between regular and organic mushrooms?

Surprisingly, there is only one main difference between conventional mushrooms and certified USDA Organic mushrooms — the nitrogen used in the growing process. Learn more about organic mushrooms here.

We don’t carry organic mushrooms. Should we?

Yes, you should. Here are 4 reasons you should add organic mushrooms to your shelves.

Does your sales team have the knowledge to help us plan a mushroom expansion?

Our sales team is experienced in all aspects of retail mushrooms. Whether you just have a few questions or are looking for where to buy Monterey Mushrooms, we’re happy to work with you! Contact our Sales Team here.

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Contact Us

Here’s a secret. We always enjoy talking mushrooms! Contact our sales team to learn more about Monterey Mushrooms products and how you can add us to your shelves.