Monterey Mushrooms® for Retailers

Our Fresh Produce Program

Shoppers may eat with their mouths, but they buy with their eyes. And quality mushrooms can make or break the appeal of your produce department. There’s just something about fresh fungi that looks good on you. That’s why retailers, wholesalers and distributors rely on our high-quality, regionally-grown mushrooms.

But we’re more than pretty produce. Monterey Mushrooms is proud to offer retail partners some distinctly awesome advantages.

Fresh Product, Reduced Shrink

No matter where you are in the United States, our strategically located farms are less than a day away. So we’re always fresh and always local.

Brand Support

We’re invested in putting mushrooms on shopping lists and tables across the country. Using smart technology and inbound marketing strategies we share the good news about mushrooms with consumers across the country. 




Nationally Branded

Get a cohesive, branded look across your shelves with consistent packaging and labels that clearly differentiate attributes such as whole, sliced, prewashed, and high vitamin D.

Packed Your Way

Our ability to pack fresh and processed mushroom products, exactly the way you need them, means you have a choice of more than 250 packaging options.

Full Line of High Vitamin D Mushrooms 

We expose our “high vitamin D” mushrooms to a precise wavelength of ultraviolet light within the UV spectrum. All our sliced white and baby bella mushrooms in 8-ounce and 16-ounce packages are high in vitamin D, as are packages of 8-ounce portabellas. Learn more here. 



Providing the Support Retail Demands

Monterey Mushrooms works hard to be the partner you need. Our strategic assortment delivers a wide range of mushroom solutions while our dedicated category management team ensures you have the right products and labels for your customers.

An expansive network of refrigerated trucks operating nationwide means frequent deliveries, fresher product and reduced shrink. Our drivers are also extensively trained in mushroom quality, safe handling and cold chain management.