Monterey Mushrooms® for Foodservice

Filling the Fresh Fungi Needs of Your Recipes

When Mushrooms are on the Menu, Count on Us

From coast to coast, your fresh supply of fungi is never more than a day away. Monterey Mushrooms supplies foodservice, distributors, operators and wholesalers with domestic fresh and processed mushroom products, faster.

For you and your customers, that means:


Mushrooms are best enjoyed within 10 days from the day they’re picked. Our strategic locations and nationwide distribution network ensure you get the freshest produce on the market.


Minimize quality issues and defects with hand-picked products that meet the highest standards in the industry.


Serve a consistent product, every time, everywhere.


Monterey Mushrooms products are grown from strains we’ve developed for the best flavors of any variety.

Supplied By Monterey Mushrooms

From fresh white mushrooms to earthy brown varieties known for their long shelf life, we can wash, slice and dice most everything we grow. Then, we'll package it just the way you need it.

The magic of our mushrooms begins with our hands-on process, from spore to you, creating a quality-driven supply chain you can count on. The backbone of that  operation is our strategically-located mushroom farms, processing facilities and nationwide network of distribution channels that allow us to service more of North America than anyone else in the industry.