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Monterey Mushrooms® for Foodservice


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Why Monterey Mushrooms 

From coast to coast, your fresh supply of fungi is never more than a day away. Monterey Mushrooms supplies fresh produce for foodservice, distributors, operators, and wholesalers with organic and processed mushroom products, faster and fresher.

Benefits of Serving Mushrooms for Foodservice

From fresh white mushrooms to earthy brown varieties, we can slice and dice almost everything we grow. Then, we'll package it just the way you need it.

The magic of our mushrooms begins with our hands-on process, from spore to you, creating a quality-driven supply chain you can count on. The backbone of the operation is our strategically-located mushroom farms and nationwide network of distribution channels that allow us to service more of North America than anyone else in the industry.

Foodservice operations we serve include the following:

  • Foodservice Distributors
  • Foodservice Operators
  • Restaurants 
  • Cafeterias 
  • Hospitals 
  • Commissaries 
  • Military Bases

Explore Our Mushroom Products

Not only do we offer our products in bulk boxes and bags, but we also offer a wide selection of mushroom products to meet the demands of your consumers. Using a variety of mushrooms on your menu allows you to offer popular flavor trends without sacrificing your total plate costs.

Here are some of the mushrooms we deliver to those in the foodservice industry.

Fresh Mushrooms: White, Brown, Specialty, and Dried

White Mushrooms

The most versatile mushroom of our offerings, white mushrooms are culinary chameleons: they are a blank canvas ready to blend in or take center stage in any dish!

See more about our White Mushrooms here.

Brown Mushrooms

Here are three reasons for a shift to brown mushrooms. They have a longer shelf life, a more robust umami profile, and are generally more nutritious. Choose Baby Bellas or Portabellas and elevate your flavors!

Learn more about our Brown Mushrooms here.

Specialty Mushrooms

While we carry a lot of traditional mushrooms, such as white and brown mushrooms, we also have a wide variety of specialty mushrooms, including Shiitake, Oyster, Lion’s Mane, and many more!

Explore all varieties of specialty mushrooms we offer here.

Dried Mushrooms

With other mushroom suppliers, you may find that some specialty mushrooms are only available during certain parts of the year. With Monterey Mushrooms, we believe in enjoying the flavor and benefits of mushrooms all year round!

Our dried mushrooms make it convenient for you to serve your customers what they want, no matter what season it is.

Learn more about our dried mushrooms here.

Shelf Stable Mushrooms

We also offer the following products to those in the foodservice industry:

Let’s Blend®: Our quick and healthier substitute to all-meat recipes. Let’s Blend saves you time in the kitchen with pre-chopped, blanched, and cooled mushrooms that help you cut down on the sodium content.

Processed: If this product had a middle name, it would be “convenient.” Canned and prepped, these mushrooms are what you need when in a pinch; just rinse, serve, and let your customers enjoy!

Marinated: Our marinated mushrooms are ready right out of the box (out of the jar, to be exact) and give you a quick and easy option to serve to your customers. While simple to use, the flavors are anything but simple. They’re zesty and garlicky and ready to go at the pop of a lid!

The Ultimate Mushroom Small Bites & Beer Pairings Guide

The Ultimate Mushroom Small Bites & Beer Pairings Guide

Foodservice FAQs

1. Can you deliver? Do you offer FOB?

We deliver, and we offer FOB.

2. Do you have a minimum order?

The minimum case requirement for delivered products is two pallets. For FOB, the minimum is one pallet

3. Do you have a list of resources I can review?

Here are resources for foodservice organizations. Use the filter to choose between Guides, Sellsheets, and Videos. 

4. What is the average shelf life of Baby Bellas compared to White mushrooms?

Brown mushrooms have a lower water density than whites, which lets them stay fresh longer. You’ll have an extra three days of shelf-life with Brown mushrooms.

5. What are the best exotic mushrooms to add to our menus?

Shiitake mushrooms are the leader of the specialty mushroom pack. They have a meaty — yet buttery — texture with a rich, smoky, umami flavor.


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