Nationwide Reach

Strategic Locations and Logistics to Serve You Better

Making Sure You Have Mushrooms Where You Need Them

Here at Monterey Mushrooms®, we like to stay humble. We’re farmers.

If we did brag, it would be about our reach across North America, with farms from coast to coast and Mexico.

Our fresh mushrooms and mushroom products are delivered straight from our farms, packing plants and production facilities to all 48 continental states, plus Mexico.

Our Western Regions:

  • LA

  • Phoenix

  • Salt Lake City

  • Las Vegas

  • San Francisco Bay Area

  • Washington

  • Oregon

  • Northern CA

Our Midwest Regions:

    • Texas

    • Colorado

    • Louisiana

    • Arizona

    • Indiana

    • Illinois

Our Southern Regions:

    • Tennessee

    • Carolinas

    • Georgia

Our Eastern Regions:

    • Kennett Square, PA

    • New England

    • Maryland

    • Ohio

    • Virginia


Our North Central Regions:

    • Wisconsin

    • Minnesota

    • Nebraska

    • Missouri

    • Iowa

    • The Quad Cities


Our Southeast Regions:

    • Southern Georgia

    • Florida


The heart of our nationwide reach, and what really keeps our mushrooms flowing from farm to table, is our integrated supply chain, enabling delivery of  our products everywhere people need them, quickly and efficiently. We train drivers and handlers of our mushrooms to protect mushroom quality and maintain cold chain.

Fast Facts About Logistics

  • More than 17 million miles traveled every year

  • More than 150 dedicated trucks on the road

  • Operating in more than 15 terminals in 10 states and Mexico