Let’s Blend®

Making Your Favorite Recipes Even Better

How "The Blend" Came to Be

The idea of a beef/mushroom blended patty on American menus everywhere was the flavor science collaboration of :

The Healthy Menus R&D Collaborative

Culinary Institute of America

The Mushroom Council

These mushroom-loving researchers went to work studying the taste-enhancing potential of our homegrown produce, used in ways we hadn’t thought of yet.

Then, just when we thought our potlucks had served every mushroom creation under the sun, they made America’s favorite meal even better: better tasting, better for you and more sustainable (for a future that’s full of better burgers).

Learn how the modest mushroom is changing the game for...

Starting Your Own Revolution on a Bun

Start with beef. (Or chicken, pork, turkey or lamb).

Now blend in our pre-chopped and seasoned finely diced mushrooms, Let’s Blend.

Then make yourself a better burger*.

What’s better than a burger? This is.

*Let’s Blend is also an amazing addition to pretty much everything on your table, from tacos to tofu.