A healthier and tastier way to enjoy your favorite meat dishes.

What is Let's Blend®?

Let's Blend finely diced mushrooms have been pre-seasoned to make your cooking experience that much easier. Let's Blend works well with ground beef, chicken, lamb, pork and turkey. Use these pre-chopped mushrooms to enhance or substitute meat for burgers, chile, meatloaf, sloppy joes, meatball, pasta sauce, tacos burritos, enchiladas, casseroles and soups! Available in three flavors: Classic, Mexican and Italian.

Benefits of Let's Blend® :

  • Healthier options: when used in traditional meat dishes, Let's Blend reduces amount of calories, fat and cholesterol.
  • Time-saving: pre-chopped and seasoned mushrooms are ready to blend with meat.
  • Better flavor: enhances meat for juicier, tastier flavor.

Story behind "The Blend"

The idea of a beef-mushroom blended burger— "The Blend"—broadly offered on American menus was conceived of and incubated by The Healthy Menus R&D Collaborative (HMC), an educational initiative of high-volume culinary leaders developed by The Culinary Institute of America in partnership with its founding member, Mushroom Council.

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