Request a Free Mushroom Powder Sample

Food manufacturers have a new secret ingredient to boosting the percentage of vitamin D in their products: mushroom powder.

When used proportionately, High Vitamin D mushroom powder can be blended tastelessly into a number of products— from wellness shakes and breakfast cereal to soups and sauces— to substantially increase your food's nutritional profile.

These powders are also an excellent source of plant-based protein and dietary fiber, really boosting your Nutrition Panel.

Major brands are already using our mushroom powder in their products to enhance their dietary benefits.

Request a sample of Monterey's High Vitamin D mushroom powder so you can evaluate how to incorporate it into your products. [Available to food and supplement product developers and manufacturers only. Please note that our powders are available for wholesale purchase only.]

Our powders are available as conventional or organic in a wide range of vitamin D levels (up to 15,000 IU/g) and provide a whole food, plant-based source of many important nutrients.



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