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Welcome to Monterey Mushrooms®, where humble folks work hard on nine farms across North America to provide fresh, locally-grown mushrooms to your favorite grocery stores, restaurants, food manufacturers and institutions.

Everything You Need to Know About High Vitamin D Mushrooms

Vitamin D is critical to your overall health and is a major contributor to the immune system. And while receiving the right amount of vitamin D comes with a fair share of benefits, a lack of this important nutrient can mean bad things for your health. 

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About Monterey Mushrooms

Monterey Mushrooms has grown from a single farm in 1971 to producing fresh mushrooms across North America. Our farms are located from coast to coast, making our produce proudly local, across the country, year-round.

Monterey Mushrooms Team Photo Shah Kazemi poses with very proud employees and their children, who were 2018 recipients of the Monterey Mushrooms Carl Victor Fields Scholarship. Since 1992 this program has awarded more than $2.8 million.