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2021 Scholarships

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OCTOBER 15, 2021 

Monterey Mushrooms Awards 94 Academic Scholarships to Employees’ Children

WATSONVILLE, CA | Monterey Mushrooms presented 94 children of its employees with $254,678 in scholarship awards for the 2021-22 academic year. 

Celebrating its 50th year in business, Monterey Mushrooms is taking the company's purpose, “Enhancing People’s Lives” to new levels. The scholarship program is one example. For the past 30 years, dependent children of full-time employees have been eligible to apply for a scholarship up to $3,000 and for up to four years.

The scholarship program was renamed the Carl Victor Fields Scholarship Program in 2004 to honor the company’s past vice president of marketing who was passionate about the importance of young people achieving their potential. Since its inception, 2,387 grants have been awarded for a total of more than $3.4 million. 

Scholarships are awarded to students who pursue higher education degrees at accredited colleges, universities, and vocation/technical schools. To apply, the student shares their educational background, academic goals and aspirations, school activities, work experience, and personal achievements. 


This commitment and support to giving the next generation of decision-makers the tools they need to be successful in society and the workplace is appreciated by the recipients. 

Ana Mejia, a four-time scholarship recipient, and a current employee said, “The scholarship helped me gain my career and educational goals by reducing the cost burden.”  Mejia’s parents have been Monterey Mushrooms employees for more than 25 years.  “Monterey Mushrooms feels like home,” Mejia said.  She earned a degree of science in business administration with a major in accounting from Tennessee Tech University. 

“The MMI Scholarship has allowed me to continue my studies all four years. I am beyond grateful for this opportunity and it is another symbol of my parents' contribution towards my future.”  - Berenice Campos

"This scholarship will allow me to keep pursuing my dream of becoming an Electrical Engineer, by easing the financial burden I face as a student. I hope to one day use my degree to create a meaningful impact that will change this world and help those in need." - Jose Arjon 

"This will help me with my books and tuition for my semester, I promise to take full advantage of this opportunity and will forever be thankful for receiving this scholarship and motivating me to keep pushing forward in my college career!" - Fabiola Vera

"Thank you very much, this scholarship will benefit me a lot since I will be able to pay my tuition on time I am very happy to have entered the university I wanted and it was all thanks to Monterey Mushrooms- really, thank you very much. I hope you continue to support, and I can once again be one of its beneficiaries." - Cristian Manuel 

"This will help me further my education and help me be able to chase my dreams of being a physical therapist and be able to help others how you have helped me just in a different way." - Armando Lee Juarez II

"I am very grateful to receive this scholarship, as it is an opportunity for me. Thanks to it, I was able to start the academic year at the university that is focused on my passion, sports. It was a goal for me to get into and thanks to the support provided by Monterey Mushrooms it was possible to achieve it. I will try too hard to be a great physical therapist and help those in need. Thank you!!" - Ivonne Estefania Zavala Morales.

"I am sincerely honored to have been selected as a recipient of the Carl Victor Fields Scholarship. Thank you for your generosity, which has helped me secure proper housing. I am extremely grateful for my parent’s hard work which has given me the opportunity to pursue higher education. And I am thankful for this scholarship because it has alleviated my financial stress, allowing me to engage with my education." - Janet Medoza Partida

 CEO Shah Kazemi said, “For 29 years we have been honored and privileged to be able to support these dedicated young people in their educational pursuits. The feedback and thanks we get from the students and their parents is gratifying and we look forward to watching these excellent young people succeed in the future.” 

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