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8 Mushroom-Inspired Halloween Recipes

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We’re celebrating Halloween at Monterey Mushrooms in style, with some creative ideas from other food bloggers. 

From creepy eyeballs to adorable Jack o’ lanterns, we’ve found seasonal meals that include tasty mushrooms. Here are eight mushroom-inspired Halloween recipes to make the most of fall favorites on your dinner plate:

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1. Mini Pumpkins Stuffed with Portabellas, Brussels Sprouts & Wild Rice

Add festivity to your fall dinner table with these adorable stuffed pumpkins. The colorful rice, nutty undertones and apple cider kick make your bowls taste just as delightful as they look arranged neatly on white saucers. 

Find the Recipe Here


2. Stuffed Mushroom “Eyeballs”

Instead of cream cheese, these stuffed mushrooms are filled with seasoned tempeh— made from fermented soybeans. Thinly sliced sundried tomatoes give them that “bloodshot” look, and of course, black olives represent the scary pupils. Thanks to DHerbs for the creative mushroom recipe.

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3. Mushroom Skulls

Get your melon baller ready! In this clever recipe, the Food Network scoops cavities out of mushrooms to create hollow skull eyes. Finish it off with balsamic vinegar “blood,” and you’ve got one spooky dish to impress guests. 

Find the Recipe Here 


Mini Halloween Mummy Meatloaf 6

4. Mini Halloween Mummy Meatloaves with Mashed Potatoes

Raise some mummies from the tomb with these meaty mouthfuls. Ground beef, oats and mushrooms make up the base, while creamy golden Yukon potatoes form the mummys’ wrapping. Serve with a side of fresh peas, since you’ll need them for the eyes anyway! 

Find the Recipe Here


5. Halloween Veggie Tray Appetizer Trio Recipe

Why display your veggies in a boring fashion this Halloween when you can could arrange them like a fun skeleton? This creative idea comes from Cooking with Janica, and shouldn’t be too difficult to create. Don’t miss her Frankenstein guac arrangement, as a cute side dip.

Find the Recipe Here


6. Halloween Top Ramen

Pickled Plum wowed us with this ghoulish noodle bowl. After whipping up your traditional ramen, all you have to do is cut some carrots, eggs and mushrooms into festive pumpkins, ghosts and spiders and carve a hot dog into zombie fingers.

Find the Recipe Here


7. Mummy Calzones with Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus

Calzones aren’t something a lot of people make at home, but we don’t know why not! The warm pizza dough lays a soft base for your meatballs and mushrooms— and with some creative weaving of dough, you have yourself a wrapped mummy! Thank you to I Wash, You Dry for this playful Halloween dinner idea.

Find the Recipe Here


8. Jack ‘O Lantern Stuffed Peppers

Orange peppers are the perfect bright color to imitate pumpkins. Stuff your “jack o’ lanterns” with mushrooms, shrimp, pork and other veggies for a filling fall dinner. Thank you, NPFamily Recipes.

Find the Recipe Here 


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