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How High Vitamin D Mushrooms May Promote Vascular Health

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Did you know that 950,000 people die from cardiovascular disease each year? That’s twice the number of deaths from cancer, 25x the number of AIDS-related deaths, and 10x the number of accidental deaths, according to the University of California San Francisco's heart and vascular disease facts sheet.

As dietary-related vascular health problems continue to ail the nation, researchers continue to study and discover new benefits of eating mushrooms as a possible aid for prevention or treatment.


Here are a few ways mushrooms may help to promote vascular health: 

Mushrooms are cholesterol and fat-free, which can help to reduce your intake of saturated fats. 

While fat is an essential part of a healthy and balanced diet, helping your body to absorb fat-soluble vitamins and essential for proper brain and nerve function, too much isn’t usually a good thing. 

Unfortunately, a lot of Americans are still consuming too many saturated fats, according to The American Heart Association's recommended 13 grams per day.

Blending mushrooms into your meat-based meals is one way to instantly reduce your consumption, since mushrooms are cholesterol and fat-free. Researchers are reviewing the effects of Portabella and Shiitake mushrooms on preventing the development of high-fat diet-induced atherosclerosis, with new research on the horizon. 

High Vitamin D mushrooms contain selenium, which is needed to regulate your heart functions.

The trace mineral and antioxidant selenium is what your thyroid gland uses to function properly and to help regulate your heart and digestive systems. Without it, your thyroid and heart would be negatively affected, which is why consuming selenium is important. 

Selenium also helps to protect your body from damage caused by oxidative stress, according to Healthline. This oxidation often causes inflammation, which may increase risk of heart disease. A series of 16 controlled studies analyzing 44,000 people with heart disease found that taking selenium supplements decreased levels of the inflammatory marker C-reactive protein (CRP).

Selenium is found in some meats like pork and beef, as well as in fish. Adults require a minimum of 55 mcg of selenium a day, while those pregnant or breastfeeding may require more. 

With about 8 mcg of selenium in three ounces (85 g) of White mushrooms, this serving provides 15% of your daily value (DV). Brown mushrooms have even higher levels of selenium per serving, packing 40% DV in just three ounces. So next time you’re grocery shopping, sneak in a container of heart-healthy fungi to aid in maintaining proper heart function.

High Vitamin D mushrooms may help to reduce arterial stiffness.

A recent study from the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University indicated that vitamin D may improve vascular health by increasing the flexibility of blood vessels.

“High doses of vitamin D seem to keep arteries more flexible and pliable, potentially warding off future heart disease, heart attacks and strokes,” it suggests. The results showed that arterial stiffness was reduced in just four months while taking vitamin D supplements.

With this in mind, sneaking more vitamin D into your diet by consuming High Vitamin D mushrooms may help to promote your vascular health. And that’s not all! Discover how dietary vitamin D can improve your bone health, immune system, and more here.

Mushrooms may play a role in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Several studies have reviewed the influence of mushroom intake on some metabolic markers like blood pressure and oxidative and inflammatory damage, which may reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. 

Mushrooms may aid in circulation by reducing plaque build-up and could be a contributing factor for the reduction of cardiovascular concerns. They also contain potassium, which helps to protect your blood vessels from oxidative damage, a key reason blood vessels may become inflamed and restrict flow. 

More Benefits of High Vitamin D Mushrooms

You learned a few big ways vitamin D and mushrooms can help to improve vascular health, but High Vitamin D mushrooms offer even more health benefits.

Learn more about the role of the B vitamins, antioxidants, fiber, and more found in our High Vitamin D mushrooms by downloading our free ebook, Everything You Need to Know About High Vitamin D Mushrooms.

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