Mushroom Powders - featuring High Vitamin D

Monterey Mushrooms JUST MUSHROOMS® Vitamin D2 powder provides a nutrient-rich, whole food solution for your formulation needs.

One-Up Your Competitor’s Nutrition Panel

As a food or supplement manufacturer, you know it’s crucial to differentiate your product from the competition. With so many similar food and pill products hitting the shelves, you need something irresistible to make your line stand out. 

The right branding certainly helps, but many consumers are demanding more nutritious options than ever before. From vegan or plant-forward alternatives to non-GMO, clean-labeled choices, your product needs to appeal to both retailers and the growing demand of shoppers.

Give your food or supplement the extra-nutritious boost your grocers and their customers want with help from the magnificent mushroom— specifically, Monterey’s all-natural Just Mushrooms® powder.

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The Exceptional Benefit of Vitamin D

Perhaps the most appealing benefits of our Just Mushrooms® powder are its whole-food, plant-based label and its availability in High Vitamin D since a remarkable 42% percent of Americans lack adequate vitamin D levels.

Because of the health implications of vitamin D deficiency, a sizable chunk of your customers may be looking for natural ways of sneaking this important vitamin into their diet. That’s why we offer our dehydrated mushroom powder in wide ranges of vitamin D levels, up to 15,000 IU/gram. 



How Do Mushrooms Become High in Vitamin D?

We teamed up with the U.S. Department of Agriculture to replicate vitamin D-rich sunlight indoors. We don’t use additives, supplements, or chemicals to manipulate the nutrition of our mushrooms. All that’s needed is our specially devised proprietary “sunlight” (also known as ultraviolet light)!

There are certainly other ways you can add vitamin D to your products, but none of those options is clean-label vegan and natural. Check out our free guide to learn even more about High Vitamin D Mushrooms: 

High vitamin d mushrooms


Fortify with Freshly Ground Mushroom Powder

Mushrooms are the secret ingredient many food scientists are using to boost their nutrition panels. Mushroom powders are topping the trend lists as consumers become increasingly aware of their health-promoting properties. With our proprietary Vitamin D enhancement, Just Mushrooms® is the mushroom powder of choice for leading food and supplement manufacturers who place quality as their top priority. 



Here are a few big reasons food and supplement manufacturers choose Monterey’s Just Mushrooms® powder to enhance their best-selling products:

1. Mushroom powders contain important vitamins and nutrients. 

These ingredients include five of the eight essential B vitamins, ergothioneine, vitamin D (when UV-B exposed), beta-glucans, selenium, and more.

2. High Vitamin D2 Mushroom powder is growing in popularity in the retail market.

Because consumers want to receive vitamins and nutrients in their everyday meals, snacks, and supplements, your retailers are seeking more natural options to fill the critical health-forward void on store shelves. Today’s consumers are avoiding artificial flavors and synthetic fortification— demanding dual-purpose, whole-food solutions like never before. High-quality ground, natural vegan mushrooms check that box like no other. Consumers want healthier products so much that they will actually pay more for food that delivers the benefits it promises, according to L.E.K Consulting’s 2018 Food & Beverage study.

3. High Vitamin D2 Mushroom powder can be added to a variety of foods without compromising flavor.

With the right measurement of powder, you won’t have to worry about ruining the unique taste of your product. While the mushroom taste appears untraceable, the nutrients remain there all-the-same.

4. Mushroom powder can enhance the taste of your best-selling products.

Why try to mask the robust burst of umami when it could be the perfect complement to your product? Our special proprietary powder can be used at higher usage levels to magnify the savory flavor of mushrooms or to effectively tame the bitterness. The unique umami taste is a popular choice to sneak into soups, sauces, gravies, and more.

Our Mushroom Powder Offerings

Our rich vitamin D-laden dried fungi are available to food and supplement manufacturers nationwide in Button and Brown mushroom species.

Pack Sizes:

  • standard pouch size is 10 kg
  • smaller pouch sizes (1 kg, 5 kg) require a surcharge and are available for small (<10 kg) orders only
  • (15 g sample upon request)




Request a Sample:

Samples are only available to food and supplement product developers and manufacturers and are not currently sold in grocery stores. Please note that our powders are available for wholesale purchases only.

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