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4 Reasons Retailers Should Stock High Vitamin D Products

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Retailers everywhere are in a constant battle to win and keep loyal shoppers. While offering better deals may offer short-term return, there’s nothing like giving your customers something they can’t get elsewhere. These shoppers come to your store just for it, and your store alone.

Some of those hot sellers are High Vitamin D mushrooms and products that contain mushrooms. That’s right! Clever food manufacturers are incorporating High Vitamin D mushroom powder into their products: from smoothies/shakes and soups/broths to breakfast cereal and yogurt. By adding fresh vitamin D-rich mushrooms into your produce section and foods enriched with the vitamin to your center aisles, you can draw in more health-conscious customers.

That’s because his powerful vitamin has been linked to improved bone health, immune system enhancement and other benefits— making it an exceedingly coveted nutrient for its extensive strengthening qualities. Plus, an astounding 42% percent of those in the U.S. lack adequate vitamin D and shoppers are looking for ways to receive it from their diet.

How are Food Manufacturers Using Mushroom Powder?

High Vitamin D mushroom powder blends excellently into:

  • Smoothies and/or shakes
  • Soups and broth
  • Coffee and hot chocolate
  • Sauces and gravy
  • Breakfast cereal
  • Yogurt
  • Applesauce, especially if there are additional flavors, such as cinnamon, added
  • Chili and casseroles
  • Spaghetti sauce
  • Anything chocolate, such as brownies

Retailers without these specially fortified products and fresh vitamin D mushroom SKUs are falling behind the pack.

Here are four reasons it’s time to stock your shelves with High Vitamin D products:

1. There’s high consumer demand for healthier options.

Over the past few years, there’s been dramatic growth in sectors such as healthy eating, nutrition, preventive and personalized health, etc.— and the growth is forecasted to continue according to The Global Health and Wellness Food Market’s 2019 report.

Shoppers want healthier products and will pay more for food that delivers the benefits, according to L.E.K Consulting’s 2018 Food & Beverage study, surveying over 1,600 consumers.

Stocking both fresh High Vitamin D mushrooms and vitamin D-fortified products is an excellent way to meet your customers’ increasing health-conscious demands. For retailers with an in-house dietician or nutritionist, it’s also a wonderful opportunity to showcase healthful products and alternatives to the community at large, with the ultimate goal of attracting new adoption.

2. It’s a quick win to stand out from competing retailers.

Your store is constantly striving to offer more diverse or compelling options than competing grocers, and stocking High Vitamin D products is an easy way to stand out. Not all stores offer these options, and there’s nothing wrong with bringing attention to these new products with compelling displays and advertising, alluding to the health benefits of vitamin D.

3. Your produce department is seriously lacking vitamin D.

Mushrooms are the only significant source of vitamin D in the produce department, as no other fruits and vegetables contain enough of the nutrient to be considered significant.

By placing High Vitamin D mushrooms in your produce department, you’re adding this beneficial nutrient to one of the most highly trafficked areas of your store— making this already nutritious section even healthier.

4. Mushroom powder is vegetarian and vegan-friendly.

Now more than ever, your customers have dietary restrictions to consider and uphold. “As [many] as 6% of U.S. consumers say they are vegan — a 5x (500%) increase compared to just 1% in 2014,” shares That same source found that “U.S. retail sales of plant-based foods have increased 11% from 2018 to 2019.”

Simply put, the vegan or plant-based dietary movement is at large, and grocers who are not constantly expanding options for this growing demographic are missing a significant sales opportunity.

Meatless eaters want nutritious options that target what their plant-based diets may be missing, and mushroom powder is a vegetarian and vegan-friendly add-on to any product. Fresh High Vitamin D mushrooms also check this box, and sneak important vitamins into those plant-based diets.

Add Vitamin D Products to Your Shelves

With growing trends pushing towards healthier options, High Vitamin D products may very well be your secret weapon for attracting more health-conscious customers. Drive more traffic and sales storewide by stocking Monterey Mushrooms High Vitamin D mushrooms and vitamin D-fortified products.

Our rich vitamin D-laden fungi are available to retailers nationwide, in 8-ounce and 16-ounce packages of sliced Whites, sliced Baby Bellas and whole Portabella caps.

It's easier than you might think to incorporate healthier options into your fresh mushroom set. Ask us about how you can become a participating retailer today!

Learn More About How to Get Our High Vitamin D Mushrooms On Your Shelves:


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