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9 Meat-Free Mushroom Recipes Perfect for Meatless Monday

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Have you been thinking about giving Meatless Monday a try? Switching out meat for a nutritious substitute once a week is a fun way to get creative in the kitchen.

While you may enjoy how delicious and filling meat can be, mushrooms imitate the robust taste of meat quite well, thanks to their umami flavor, and are a hearty vegetarian and vegan-friendly option for almost any type of diet.

In the past we’ve featured a few meatless meals using fresh mushrooms, but we’re pulling out the best-of-the-best now— with nine more meat-free options perfect for Meatless Monday!


1. Oyster Mushroom "Calamari"

You may not eat seafood, but Oyster mushrooms mimic the texture of some under-the-sea favorites, including delectable calamari. Get a surge of antioxidant-like effects and enjoy the robust umami mouthfeel of this fried faux-shellfish with a smokey paprika dipping sauce.

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2. Maitake Pulled Pork

BBQ lovers don’t have to sacrifice their favorite smokey, savory sandwich this Meatless Monday. Maitake mushrooms can be used in lieu of pork or in place of jackfruit, for those who don’t like the flavor of this other vegan option. Bite into this fingerlicking picnic food with excitement, paring it with coleslaw, chips or a crunchy pickle.

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3. Portabella Marsala

Grapes are vegetarian, right? They sure are. Uncork that Marsala wine and enjoy this syrupy white sauce over some tender Portabella caps. The diced Shiitake and White mushrooms add a variety of texture to fool your mind into thinking you’re eating cheese. If you really want to show off, use Earth Balance buttery spread to make this dish vegan!

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4. Portabella Enchiladas

Make your Meatless Monday “Mexican Monday” by serving a steamy deep dish of enchiladas. While this recipe does include taco seasoning, Portabella mushrooms act as a meat substitute (along with lots of cheese). Topped with fresh cilantro, these hot-out-of-the-oven enchiladas are a surefire way to eat away the start-of-the-work-week blues.

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5. Asian Rainbow Stir-Fry

Why don’t you whip up a stir-fry more often? This particular recipe is packed with nutritious vegetables, scrumptious sesame oil and a myriad of Chinese spices. It includes a blend of mushrooms, carrots, peppers, snow peas and more to fill you up all night long. Let’s not forget that side of rice!

Thank you to the wonderful Shannon at KISS in the Kitchen for this Monterey Mushrooms vegetarian recipe.

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6. Kale & Basil Pesto Zoodles with Mushrooms

Pasta dishes are usually a vegetarian-safe option, however, noodles are packed with a lot of calories and high carbs. Make zucchini noodles instead this upcoming Monday, lathered in rich and nutritious EVOO, kale and White mushrooms. Toss a few leaves of basil into this dish and drizzle a bit of Parmesan on top for a flavorful meat-free dinner.

Thank you to The Mushroom Council for this creative mushroom recipe.

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7. Portabella Power Bowl

Maybe you have time to prep a meatless dinner, but lunch is always hard during the workweek. Pack a filling power bowl to set a strong tone for the day, filled with noodles, egg and mushrooms. The yogurt tahini topping is to die for and really rounds out the flavor profile of this tasty dish.

Shout out to The Mushroom Council for their hearty lunch idea.

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8. Portabella Lasagna

Instead of the traditional red sauce lasagna, switch things up this Meatless Monday with our meaty Portabella mushroom, spinach and Parmesan cheese “béchamel” sauce. It’s milk and butter based, seasoned with ground nutmeg and sprinkled with spinach— and absolutely heavenly.

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9. Butternut Squash & Mushroom Soup

What about some soup tonight? Enjoy the butterscotch-reminiscent flavor of the mighty butternut squash paired with hearty White mushrooms. The original recipe uses chicken stock and Italian sausage, but you can easily sub in vegetable stock and vegan sausage to make this a meat-free creamy treat.

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You might have noticed that a lot of these meat-free dishes use Portabella mushrooms to replace common meats. That’s because this variety of fungus boasts a strong umami flavor, giving it a robust, savory taste much like real meat.

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